Jillian Barberie

It’s hard to imagine Jillian Barberie ever looking anything but swim suit perfect, but there are actually photos of her wearing a tent dress and looking not so great. (You can see this in the video on the bottom of this page.) Jillian is among the latest celebrities to go on Nutrisystem and lose a substantial amount of weight (over 40 pounds) post partum. Remember Tori Spelling? Anyway, Jillian has been making all sorts of rounds sporting a bikini and looking fabulous. And she’s been bragging that she lost all of the weight eating tacos, chocolate and pizza. Well, she did. Because this diet offers all of these foods. (There’s a complete list of all of the foods available on this website). Check out Jillian. I think you’ll agree she’s back to her perfect self. Happy for her. Grrr.

Note: This article was written a while ago.  Jillian is no longer a spokesperson. I will update this blog with new ones as they sign on.


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